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Database Design

CEC productions recognizes that the organization of data is key to efficient access. Many organizations concentrate on physical data models without putting enough prior emphasis on how and why the data is used. Without this initial focus, databases are often designed without flexibility, often making it impossible to retrieve data in the way it was originally planned.

To ensure optimal performance all logical and physical database designs are undertaken only by trained database administrators.

CEC Productions in-house database administrators are skilled in defining logical data models from business requirements. The preparation of this model is based upon detailed data requirements analysis, focusing on not only the perspectives of the user but also the overall relationships of the data to other primary data within the organization.

Once a logical data model is confirmed, implementation aspects are investigated in order to finalize the ultimate database definition. Physical models are created to define the format and organization of the resulting data store. As such, they contain and illustrate the details which surround the structure, access, performance, update and security of the resulting database (or databases in distributed environments).

By controlling the design process, developers can concentrate on the application interface without the hindrance of tackling database performance.

Database Administration

CEC Productions offers a full range of database administration services for a wide variety of database products such as Oracle, MS-SQL, MS Access, and MySQL. The service provides everything from installation and configuration of the database software to back-up and recovery strategies. We can help organisations take the risk out of managing mission critical data by working with clients to develop an effective database administration strategy based on business requirements. CEC Productions can structure the database support on a full-time, part-time or an 'as-needed' basis to meet clients requirements.

Services provided include:

- management of database access and security
- management and monitoring of critical log files
- management and monitoring of table spaces
- performing database back-ups on a regular basis
- restoring data from back-ups when necessary
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